iEARN Taisho Koto Project

A school and the group which participated in a project.
elementary schools
Two Elementary Schools
2 Elementary Schools
1Japanese Class
Ganns Middle Valley Elementary School
Teacher nameisJeanneHighlander

Islamic Educational Callege
Amman Jordan
Mr. Ruba M. Haddad

W.H.Day Elementary School

Mrs.Suzanne Cuthbertson

5. Circle news

■Elementary School in Nagoya Aichi Japan
It is shaded off a photograph to protect a right of likeness of children in the Japanese school.
Please take in an atmosphere.

■A elementary school finished classes practice of Taisho koto project last year.

■The activity number of people was 480.
■In a school hour, it is six hours from one class 4.
■Activity contents:
1. Students learn the history, historic society background, the structure of the musical instrument, the method of the performance on a video.
Students take guidance from a local lecturer volunteer.

2. A performance exercise of  song "Kaeruno uta".
Students enjoy a canon.
Students take guidance from a local lecturer volunteer.

3. It plays favorite music in consultation with a friend.

4.  A class concert.