iEARN Taisho Koto Project

The link of the recommended Taisho Koto.

Saotome school
A Japanese communication lecture.

Sakura Sakura Youtube

Saotome Workshop

4. News

On 19th, July 2012. iEARN Serbia and memb menbers of iEARN Japan had aworkshop in Belgrade, Serbia.
We really had a wonderful time.
We introduced Japanese culture to Serbian people and we had a video conferencewith many members of NDYS.
Thank you for joining the Vcadn hope to have another Vc again. Video

iEARN Workshop 2012 in Serbia

Taisho Koto Song-Sakura

Here is a Japanese song called Sakura sung by the Kindergarten, Grade 5 and 6students in Canada. The instrument is called a Taisho Koto from Japan. We enjoyed learning the song and playing the instrument.
video 2011

iEARN 2011 in Taiwan
Taosho Koto Project of workshop.
The video of the top page looks the.

Taisho Koto Project in Japan started.
From September.....
Video: Elementary School ...
Lesson1....The song finger exercise pair learning of the "frog fails in recording a
little! The first part was cut....Sorry!
Lesson2....Song solo
Lesson3....kanon ....It is friend and session.
Lesson4...."Kira Kira Boshi" ...Japanese name...With the bells.

It is 16th from July 12, 2010
iEARN 2010 in Canada

Taisho Koto Project of workshop.

iEARN Conference Taisho Koto Workshop

The score which I distributed in a warkshop."Kono Hoshi ni Umarete"Youtube

iEARN 2010 Taisho Koko Project